The Benefits of Having a Caravan Fan in Your Caravan in Australia

Reasons You Need A Caravan Fan

One of the best ways to explore Australia is to travel around independently. Travelling in a caravan or RV is an excellent way to explore Australia. This beautiful country is littered with well-kept campsites and exciting things to see.  

If you are a seasoned Australian camper and explorer, you probably already know how important it is to stay comfortable when you explore everything Australia has to offer. 

When you travel around Australia in a caravan or RV, you soon realise staying cool is often challenging. Parts of Australia are both humid and hot while other inland are simply hot. 

At home, you probably have the means of staying cool and comfortable. Most homes have air conditioning. However, running air conditioning continuously in your RV or caravan is not easy. It can even work out very expensive. 

Instead, it is best to explore the alternatives. Having a roof vent is important, but you should also consider adding one or two caravan RV fans to your vehicle. 

Caravan Fans Keep You Cool and Fresh

One of the best things about caravan fans is that they keep you cool. You can hook your caravan fan up to the main electricity supply of your vehicle. If you don’t want to do that, you can buy battery or USB-operated caravan fans. 

Don’t forget that solar panels are becoming popular. They are great when you are parked up as you have access to free energy. 

It is okay to feel hot during the day when you are outside, but when you come back to your caravan at night, it is fair to say you want to be cooler. Sleeping when it is hot is difficult – you probably find you wake up not feeling very refreshed at all. 

A hot atmosphere in your caravan can cause all sorts of health problems. Experiencing headaches is a common sign you are too warm. If you can’t cool down at all, you may find yourself experiencing a heat stroke. This is a very serious health condition. 

Benefits of Better Air Circulation

Better air circulation has other benefits as well. Damp and stale air leads to moisture build up which in turn leads to mould growth. Both mildew and mould are signs that you need to improve circulation in your caravan. 

Most of us cook and shower in our caravans. Caravan fans help to remove damp and water particles that cause unwanted mould and mildew growth. 

If we are close to the ocean, a lake or a campsite with a swimming pool, we may even put our damp towels in our caravans. This also leads to an increase in moisture levels. 

Odours from cooking can also hang around if you cook inside your caravan. A fan helps to circulate unpleasant odours and eventually get rid of them. 

When the air is cooler outside during the nighttime, you may even notice condensation building up in your caravan. A caravan fan helps to control condensation build-up on windows and windscreens. Sharp outside nighttime temperature drops in inland Australia quickly lead to excess condensation. 

Caravan Fans Save Energy and Money

Using the built-in air conditioning system often works out expensive. When you are on a campsite and hook up, you pay for the amount of electricity you use, 

When you are driving, you probably find your vehicle uses extra fuel when you use the air conditioning. This is why so many campers like to use caravan fans. They offer you the best of both worlds.

Using air conditioning means you have to use your battery or a generator. Although many modern caravans have built-in generators, you are left with the problem of topping them up with fuel.

It is also worth noting all fossil fuels pump out carbon dioxide which contributes towards climate change. If you use a caravan fan, you are probably more concerned about your carbon footprint compared to other tourists.  

Once you have bought your solar power-generating device, you have access to endless free energy. If you have not yet considered solar power, you should explore this new exciting technology. Solar is particularly well suited for camping as an alternative to noisy generators. 

Choosing a Caravan Fan

When it comes to choosing a fan for your caravan or RV, there are several factors you should take into consideration. 

Space: How much space do you have? If you don’t have a lot of space, you can go for smaller portable models. You can easily move a portable fan to another area such as your outside awning. If you have a larger caravan, you can opt for a wall-mounted fan or ceiling fan.

Size: The size of the area you need to cool down is another important factor. You need to have a larger fan if you need to cover a large area. If you have a larger RV with several rooms or areas, you may want to have a couple of fans mounted on the walls.

Speed settings: Most fans have different speed settings. Adjusting the speed increases circulation and gets rid of unwanted odours faster. 

Direction: Never forget to plan for the direction you would like to fan to operate. If your driving area is close to your seating area, you may want to be able to angle the fan in different directions. When you are driving, you want to cool down the driver and front seat passenger. Once parked up, you probably want to cool down the living/dining area.

Timer: Some fans have timers. If you don’t want the fan left on all of the time while you are sleeping or outside your RV, it is a good idea to buy one with a timer. That way, it switches itself off automatically. 

Battery-Operated fans: There are still battery-operated fans around. They are often smaller in size and more suitable for smaller spaces. The best options to go for are fans with rechargeable batteries or USB fans. Look out for fans that are operated by small solar panels – they are the most sustainable option. 

Final Thoughts

Caravaning is a great way of travelling around all parts of Australia. An RV or caravan fan can help to keep you cool and fresh. Fans also help to circulate the air removing unwanted moisture and smells that are less than pleasant. 

Don’t forget that fans are not only for humans. Travelling pets love them just as much!

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