Why You Need Camping Lights and How to Choose External Camping Lights

Camping is one of the best ways to see Australia. An increasing number of people are choosing to holiday in this way.

As always, there are things you need when camping – especially if you are not staying on a dedicated campsite.

Light Up Your Space

When you are new to camping, it is easy to overlook what camping accessories you need. External lights are not an accessory –  they are more of a necessity.

Packing the right gear and equipment does not only help to keep you comfortable, it helps to keep you safe as well.

This is where external camping lights come in. If you are just ready to pack up your stuff and head out on your first camping trip of the season, please check you have packed external lighting.

When you stay on a dedicated camping site, you can perhaps manage without lights. But, if you wild camp, it is good to be able to shed some light on your space. 

What Are The Advantages of External Camping Lights?

One top advantage that springs to mind is security. There is nothing like light to deter unwanted visitors to your campsite.

If you can’t see what is around your immediate area, you are at risk of someone, or something, sneaking up on you. Experiencing a robbery or personal attack is not a vacation memory you want to come away with.

Lights Make Everything More Enjoyable

Unless you have access to external lighting, you may not have the chance to make the most out of your outside space.

Yes, it is nice to enjoy the glow from a campfire, but adding lighting makes sitting outside even more enjoyable.

You don’t have to struggle to see once the fire has gone out. External camping lights let you spend more time enjoying nature.

Thanks to external camping lights, you can make spending time outside at night as enjoyable as sitting in your garden.

Yes, light does attract insects. But there is plenty of things you can do about that. If you are lucky, the local bat population turns up and “clears the air.”

How Many Lights Do You Need?

How many lights you need all depends on your outside space. If you have a large area to light up, you probably need more external lights.

When you start looking around, you soon realise there are external camping lights to fit almost any set-up.

For instance, if you like to sit in your awning late and enjoy a drink, you can add an awning light. There are also other lighting options.

Larger lights and spotlights are great for lighting up larger areas. They also have a broader range appreciated by many campers.

Other lights, including swing lights, are suitable for use inside and outside your tent or caravan. 

Before you buy any lights for the outside of your setup, make sure they are safe to use outside. Most importantly, lights should be waterproof. 

What Are The Best External Lights to Buy?

LED Lights

LED lights are great when you want bright light. Compared to other external lighting options, LED lights have a greater reach. When it comes to durability, LED lights last longer.

Some LED light units let you choose between white and amber light. That is good when you want to create a softer atmosphere in the early evening or add a gentle glow when the campfire has gone out.

White Caravan Lights

White lights are the perfect solution to light up a larger space. Many experienced campers put up several of these lights.

12-volt caravan lights are fantastic for security. When you like cooking outside in the evening, they are an optimum source of light.

Most larger caravan lights are weatherproof. Choose a top manufacturer, and you will end up with white caravan lights capable of withstanding the harshest conditions.

Smaller Lights

We don’t always want bright lights when we are camping.

Sometimes, it is nice to sit back in your awning, read a good book or have a chat.

Smaller lights often have a USB connection which means you can charge as you drive.

Final Thoughts

A camping trip is not complete without lighting. Some campers like to put on a light show and even add string lights to trees. Solar-powered lights are the latest trend. Campers are gradually beginning to switch.

Lanterns with candles are another option. Both tea tree and citronella candles help to keep bugs away.

External lights can make your camping trip more enjoyable. Don’t forget to use them responsibly and respect the environment and other campers.

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