The Benefits of Annex Matting When Camping

Ensuring you are comfortable when camping makes a huge difference to your outdoor experience. You want your camper or set-up to feel like a home away from home.

Annex matting is one way of adding an extra layer of comfort.

What Is Annex Matting?

 Annex matting is a type of flooring you can use in your tent, trailer or caravan awning to make it more comfortable. As all camping enthusiasts know, keeping your home-away-from-home clean is often challenging. Annex matting is excellent for trapping dirt.

 What is annex matting made from? Annex matting is made from PVC foam mesh. This very lightweight material is easy to keep clean and non-slip. Compared to other forms of matting, it is durable and lightweight.

 Annex matting does not damage the ground or grass underneath. It allows for water and air to reach the ground below.

 On this page, we will examine the benefits of using annex matting when camping and how to choose the best matting for your needs. 

Benefits of Annex Matting

 Annex matting is great for outdoor Australian adventures, but it is also a perfect fit for the modern home when you have kids or dogs. Matting is also great for poolside patios to prevent falls.

Annex Matting For Comfort

 Annex matting makes your outdoor living area more comfortable. It provides a cushioned surface to walk and even sit on. Furthermore, annex matting helps reduce the amount of dirt that gets dragged into your tent or caravan.

 Keeping a caravan or tent clean is often challenging, as experienced campers recognise.


Most importantly, annex matting helps prevent falls and slips. Camping on a slightly rough surface also prevents minor foot injuries from rocks, small sticks, and thorns.

Annex matting creates a barrier between you and nature and helps reduce the risk of insect bites and stings.


Annex matting comes in a range of styles and colours. Although you can’t say you can make a fashion statement with annex matting, you can create a pleasant living environment.

 You can choose a colour that you like. A choice of different sizes is also available.

Protects The Environment

 Most regular campers are keen on protecting the environment. Annex matting helps to reduce the incidences of soil erosion and surface damage, which is particularly important when camping in a national park or nature reserve.

How To Choose the Right Annex Matting For Your Needs

When choosing annex mats for your camping trip, there are some factors you should consider.

Do You Need More Than One Mat?

 Annex mats are not very expensive. They are also lightweight, which means they will not add a lot of weight to your rig when travelling.

 The mats are easy to roll up. When you arrive at your destination, you secure them with clips. As they are lightweight and can be carried with you, there is no reason why you should not buy at least a couple.

When not used for camping, annex mats make perfect home accessories for patios or wet areas.

 Size Matters

Although it is not always possible, choose a mat that fits your tent or awning.

Annex mats are easy to adapt to different spaces. They can easily be cut into the right shape with a Stanley knife or other sharp knife.

If you plan on using them outside, perhaps even creating a patio for your outdoor camping future, it is a good idea to measure up how much space you need before you buy your mats.

Mats range in size from 3 metres to 7 metres. Their width is normally 2.5 metres.

Design of Your Mat

The companies that produce annex mats are getting more creative. Years ago, the only colour you could buy was sand colour.

However, this has changed. Manufacturers have realised campers may want to add a bit of style. Rectangular patterns are popular, but you can also get other designs.

When camping, simple patterns work better as they show less dirt and stay looking good for longer. 

When you plan on using your mat outside, it is a good idea to look for a mat with UV protection to prevent fading. Most annex matters are UV-resistant, but it is best to check before you buy. 

Also, it is a good idea to ensure your mat protects against mould and mildew. If you are into camping, you probably know that mould and mildew are the campers’ number one enemies.

How Long Does Annex Mats Last?

Providing they are not damaged, annex mats last for a long time.

As with everything else, it depends on how much you use them. If you use your mats a lot, they wear out faster.

Good quality mats should last between 5 – 10 years. When you camp a lot, your mats may need replacing more frequently.

Can I use exercise mats instead of annex mats? You could, but there is a major downside. Exercise mats are made from non-breathable materials.

Mould, mildew, and dirt particles soon build up on exercise mats. All three are impossible to remove. The same goes for cotton mats—they are not meant for camping.

Final Thoughts

Annex mats are a must for comfort during your camping adventure. Make sure you invest in a couple so that you have extra on standby should you need them.

Annex mats help keep your camping environment cleaner and prevent environmental damage. As we all know, looking after our natural surroundings is more important than ever.

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