Caravan Roof Hatch

Spick and Span Gets a New Meaning with This Caravan Roof Hatch

Keep your caravan well-ventilated at all times with a caravan roof hatch. In contrast to your house, a caravan is a relatively confined space. No matter how often and thoroughly you clean it, it may smell stuffy and leave a poor impression. Installing a caravan roof vent hatch may work wonders on your caravan environment.

Problems which a Caravan Roof Vent Hatch from TRA Addresses

When buying a caravan roof hatch, caravan aficionados may warn you about certain problems which may typically occur with this accessory:

  • Certain hatches, even when correctly installed, may quickly start tearing at the corners, causing rain to seep through. This fault hasn’t happened to any TRA hatches yet (and we do our utmost so that it stays that way too).
  • Sleeping problems may occur if your hatch lid isn’t dark enough. The TRA caravan roof vent hatch’s smoked lid prevents too much light from entering.

TRA hatches are designed for optimal comfort and made of high-quality materials.

What Sets TRA Apart Regarding a Caravan Roof Hatch

Rely on superior TRA quality. Here are just some of the ways in which we distinguish ourselves from other caravan roof hatch brands.

  • Easy to install without any hassle of extensive cutting.
  • Practical dimensions for easy replacement of an existing vent.
  • Our remotely-controlled version senses the rain before you do!

Our customers are delighted by the affordable price for an excellent caravan roof hatch.

You can trust TRA when buying a caravan roof vent hatch. Our company has been operating for four years but has already become a highly reputable supplier of fine caravan accessories.

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