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Make the Most of Your Holidays with Caravan Accessories in Adelaide

Maximising the benefits of your travel throughout Australia requires RV and caravan accessories from Adelaide. Any caravan comes with numerous base features that help you enjoy holidays spent on the road and exploring the outdoors. Getting more value out of your caravan needs high quality accessories from TRA.

Problems That TRA’s RV Accessories in Adelaide Address

Various situations are made easier with access to the right tools.

  • You can easily access the top of your caravan or reach heights at campsites and outdoor areas with a telescopic ladder in Adelaide. Lightweight but sturdy, the aluminium ladder is compact during storage but comes in 2.9m or 3.8m sizes.
  • External showers and awning privacy screens allow you to enjoy the natural environment and still get clean without any invasions of your privacy. There are several options for these, so select the one best suited to your caravan or RV.
  • Caframo fans generate a cool breeze during transit to help keep you focused on the road. In a campsite or on the water, these fans can also keep you relaxed even if the air is still.

Our accessories cover many scenarios, so explore our selection to discover how you can benefit from the right add-ons for your caravan.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Caravan Steps in Adelaide

Caravan steps simplify the loading and unloading process, but there are several ways to use them more effectively.

  • Choose aluminium steps for a lightweight solution that folds up to prevent damage during transit.
  • Sturdy steps will assist you as you move heavy objects in and out of your RV. Our steps are stress-tested up to 200kg for aluminium models, and the heavy-duty steel steps are tested up to 300kg.
  • If you need to maximise your flexibility or can’t easily install permanent steps onto your RV, choose our portable aluminium steps. They are single-steps that contract into a tiny volume for storage yet can hold up to 150kg when in use. These are also particularly helpful if you need an additional outdoor seat or anticipate hanging hammocks in trees.

About TRA

We’ve been operating for four years serving Adelaide and the rest of Australia. Throughout these years, we’ve fostered and maintained a reputation for excellence in both customer service and the products we carry. Our relationships with the best manufacturers around the world have empowered us to provide excellent service to the domestic Australian market.

We believe in providing quality, reliable, and affordable accessories for RVs and caravans. Our cultivated relationships enable us to offer a broad selection of accessories, ranging from portable steps andtelescopicladders to high-quality fans and roof hatches. Part of TRA’s efficiency comes from our computerised warehouse facility. This high-tech solution lets us keep accurate information about quantities and locations of components, so that when we receive an order, we can process it quickly and efficiently. Contact us to learn more about the accessories we carry.

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