8 Reasons You Should Level Up Your Caravan

Camping in a caravan and travelling with a caravan offers a slightly different experience when compared to a motorhome.

If you currently own a motorhome or camper, you need to learn new things and techniques to stay safe and comfortable.

One thing you need to learn is how to level up your caravan. Levelling makes your camping experience more comfortable and safer.

Let’s find out more!

1 Comfort and Safety

Levelling, or levelling up, improves your safety and comfort. When your caravan is not level, you risk falling over as you move around your home away from home.

Sleeping on a tilting surface is not comfortable. In a worst-case scenario, you risk falling out of bed.

2 Levelling and Appliances

Purpose made appliances for caravans are not cheap.

Levelling ensures the proper function of appliances in a caravan. That includes the fridge and cooking facilties. But, that is not all.

Unless you level your caravan, the shower and plumbing system are not going to function effienciently. Both are dependent on the correct water pressure and gravity which improve when you level up.

3 Better Stability

When you camp in a motorhome, you have immediate stabtility. That is not the case when you camp in a caravan.

Levelling improves the stability of your caravan. Once you have levelled it up, your caravan is less likely to sway and rock.

Unless everything is one level, your caravan risks tipping over in high winds or a sudden gail.

4 Packing and Setting Up Speeds Up

Once you have levelled up, you find that setting up the rest of your caravan is easier and faster.

Unpackaging a sloping caravan takes longer and is a rather risky business.

5 Caring For Your Caravan

Did you know that not levelling your caravan can damage it?

Just like anything else, caravans have seams and stress points. When you don’t level up, you risk putting extra pressure and strain on vital areas.

Eventually, this can lead to cracks and damage to your caravan. When you come to sell or upgrade your caravan, you may find it has damage.

Any kind of damage reduces the value of your caravan. Caravans are not cheap, so the last thing you need is unnecessary damage reducing its value.

Levelling is one of the easiest ways to maintain and take care of your caravan.

6 Saves Money

Pool levelling can quickly lead to expenditure you don’t want.

Wouldn’t you rather spend your money travelling to new places?

You are more likely to experience damaged and malfunctioning parts if you neglect to level your caravan.

7 Better Campsite Availability

Not all campsites are perfectly level.

When you know how to level a caravan, an increasing number of campsites are available to you.

Also, if you fancy a bit of ‘’freestyle camping’’, levelling comes is a must.

Nature is not perfect. There are some beautiful places you can pitch up which are not official or offer a flat surface. 

If you don’t know how to level up, you risk missing out on many special camping experiences that can create memories for a life-time.

8 Shows You Care

A level caravan has less environmental mpact.

It sounds like a peculiar statement to make, but it is true. Once you are on the level, your caravan cause far less damage to grass and soil.

Also, you are less likely to disturb your neighbours.

What Are The Best Ways To Level Your Caravan?

Fortunately, buying the gear you need to level your caravan is not expensive.

Most experience caravaners use wheel chocks and ramps to level their caravans.

The materials vary. You can buy chocks made from metal or extra durable plastic.

Wheel jacks or jack stands are also popular with many caravaners. Remember to look out for those. Inflatable systems are available and are becoming more popular.

What you use is a personal choice. Find out what works best for your individual circumstances and go from there.

Final Thoughts

Levelling your caravan makes life on the road more enjoyable.

After all, unless you live in an earthquake zone, your home is probably level. A level caravan means a more comfortable and safer camping experience.