Double Step

No More Alerting Campers When you Enter or Leave with our Double Step

Are you looking for a double step that doesn’t squeak or squeal when entering or leaving your caravan? A TRA step offers both comfort and safety in blessed silence.

Problems Which the Double Caravan Step from TRA Addresses

A TRA double step does more than just offer quietness. The following are just a few problems this versatile accessory provides:

  • Many brands offer cheap steps but seem to forget that the average Australian man weighs 85 kg. While TRA double steps are lightweight, they are rated to hold up as much as 200 kg.
  • Certain manufacturers design steps that look good the first year, but after that quickly deteriorate on account of low-quality materials. A TRA double caravan step will stay with you for a very long time.
  • Some steps become a downright danger when it rains. TRA apply an anti-slip tread for increased safety.

TRA steps are affordable, high-quality and safe.

Benefits of the TRA Double Step

Both young and old adore the TRA double step.

  • They withstand any toil and labour to which children may submit them.
  • They offer maximum comfort to seniors who arrive at the age where their knees may give them trouble.
  • When folded together, they hardly take up any room, making them easy to store.

Also, buy a versatile TRA double caravan step for all sorts of everyday indoor uses at home. It will come in handy in your garage, your office, bathroom and kitchen, and can even be used as a step stool for pets.

Contact us to order a TRA double step today and enjoy the luxury of same-day dispatch. Thanks to our computerised warehouse facility, we always have enough items in stock.

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