Camping Privacy Screens: Why You Need Them and How to Choose Them

A Rv Parked In A Parking Lot With A 3.35M Caravan Privacy Screen Sun Shade Wall To Suit 12Ft Awning.

Camping is a fantastic way of travelling around Australia and enjoying everything this diverse continent has to offer.

Meeting up with acquaintances and making new friends is great. But, on occasion, having privacy is important especially if you are staying on a busy campsite.

When you would like to increase your privacy, privacy screens are the best. They offer a sense of seclusion and even add a touch of cosiness,

What Are Privacy Screens?

Camping privacy screens are curtains or panels made from resistant materials. Not only do they offer privacy. They also provide protection from the elements and creepy crawlies.

If you already have an awning, adding a couple of privacy screens is not difficult. Most awnings allow for camping privacy screens to be added and may already have zips to allow screens to be fitted.

Carry on reading and discover more about why privacy screens are a must when camping.

Benefits of Camping Privacy Screens

Privacy screens have many benefits for you and other campers. Let’s find out more.


It goes without saying that added privacy is the number one benefit you get from camping privacy screens.

They help to create a more intimate space where you can enjoy family meals, personal conversation and maybe a few moments of shut-eye after a morning on the beach.

Privacy screens make it harder for unwanted visitors to sneak up on you. If you are travelling with a dog, screens offer a personal space for your four-legged companion.

When you are travelling with children, privacy screens are great for creating an extra room for your kids to play and rest in.

Shade and Cooling

Temperatures in Australia quickly soar during the daytime. Your caravan or tent can start feeling uncomfortable as the sun rises in the sky.

The addition of privacy screens helps to keep the temperature inside more ambient. If you have a camping fan, you may find you have to run it less.

Good-quality privacy screens have been treated with UV-resistant materials. This means they help to protect you against sunburn, eye irritation and skin damage.

Weather Protection

Not only do privacy screens offer you a sense of personal space. They offer extra shelter against rain and dust. Also, they are a great way of protecting any equipment you leave in your awning from the environment.

Style Of Privacy Screens

Is there a choice of style? Privacy screens are available in various patterns and designs. Although plain screens are perhaps the most popular option, you can choose different prints and colours.

Most regular campers choose a privacy screen that matches their caravan or tent.

How To Choose A Privacy Screen

First time buying a privacy screen? Keep this in mind when shopping.


Size is the key factor to bear in mind. Buying a privacy screen that does not fit the shape or size of your tent, caravan or awning is a waste of money.

Before you go shopping, think about how much coverage you would like and take some measurements. Is your caravan or tent curved, triangular or rectangular?

Also, think about where you want to add your privacy screen. If you have a side awning, it should go there. But, you can also get screens to fit front and back awnings.


As the climate is heating up, it is important to buy a heat-resistant screen. Ideally, your screen should have added UV protection and be water-proof.

Privacy screens are often made from polyester fabric or PVC mesh. But, you can also buy screens manufactured from metal and recycled materials.

Recycled materials are often excellent and are treated against UV and unwanted particles such as mold and mildew.

Most screens are easy to clean. All you have to do is to wipe them with water and a gentle cleaning solution.


Designs vary a great deal. You can buy screens with windows and air vents. This is important if you are planning on using your awning area as an outside space to sleep.

If you don’t want to go for a plain screen, different patterns and styles are available.

Privacy Screen Accessories

To turn your outside into a truly versatile space, you can choose from screens with built-in extra equipment such as bags and storage spaces.

Almost all privacy screens come complete with eyelets, ropes, pegs and zips.

Other accessories you probably want to add to make your awning area more comfortable are annex mats, fans and camping lights.

How Do I Fit A Privacy Screen?

You can have independent screens you don’t have to attach to your awning or caravan. However, if you want extra comfort and security, it is a good idea to buy a privacy screen that can be fixed to an already existing awning.

Make sure your screen is easy to fold away and set up quickly. That way, you don’t spend too much time “setting up camp.”

Final Thoughts

Privacy screens are surprisingly cost-effective. They offer extra living space and protection from the elements. A must-have when you are planning on going on an outdoor camping adventure.

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