Caravan Levelling Blocks


Stay Comfortable with RV and Caravan Levelling Blocks and Ramps

You may have heard that it’s always a good policy to stabilise your caravan with levelling blocks. Several advantages to this may not be immediately apparent. Even if you already know the benefits, it’s still necessary to find well-made and reliable levellers.

Common Mistakes People Make About Levelling Ramps

If you don’t properly use levellers, several issues can arise:

  • Your RV or caravan may be tilted. In minor cases, this can cause discomfort during sleep, but in more extreme cases, this can even result in your caravan getting stuck in soggy ground. Extricating your caravan from a mud slick is not something you ever want to have to work around if you can avoid it.
  • Your accessories can be impacted by not being level. You’ll notice this primarily with water systems like your caravan’s sink or shower not draining properly. If stagnant, dirty water stays for several days, it can prove to be a breeding ground for unwanted pests or cause a scent.
  • Barely noticeable tilts can still cause a problem, as glasses or round objects set on surfaces in your RV may fall off and potentially break.

The inconveniences caused by neglecting to level or improperly levelling range from a minor inconvenience to significant struggles, so avoid them all with the right levellers.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of RV Levellers

Once you know the mistakes to avoid, consider the following tips to gain the best results possible:

  • Get an appropriate number of levelling ramps or blocks for your RV. Depending on the model, you may want to get one for each wheel. At minimum, you should have two per axle, so you can adjust for both forward and sideways tilt.
  • Use the levellers in conjunction with a measuring level, which is a step that will save you a lot of time and hassle of checking and re-checking tilt as you set up your levelling ramps.
  • For convenience, ensure that you have a good place to store your levellers. Many sets we offer include their own carrying bag, but even without that, you can find an easy location within your RV or caravan. Just make sure that they don’t jostle too much or else they may be hard to find when it’s time to set up camp for the evening and level your caravan.

What You Stand to Lose If You Don’t Use TRA

We carry a variety of levellers suited to your RV or caravan. No matter what model, you’ll find a great selection to choose from, so you’ll be safe and comfortable on the road. We also carry numerous other accessories to improve your holiday experience.

Our selection is broad because of the relationships we’ve built with excellent vendors and manufacturers throughout the world. You can take advantage of the work we’ve done over the past five years and find reliable products at great prices. Contact us to learn more about how to make the most of your levellers.

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